Arantxa Sanchez

Arantxa Sanchez

Name: Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario
Born: Barcelona, Spain
Lives: Andorra
Birthdate: December 18, 1971
Height: 5' 6.5'' (1.69 m)
Weight: 124 lbs. (56 k)
Plays: Right handed
Clothes: Reebok
Racquet: Yonex
Singles Titles: 23
Doubles Titles: 43
Current Singles Ranking: 4 (Mar 97)
Current Doubles Ranking: 1 (Mar 97)
Highest Singles Ranking: 1 (Jun 95)
Highest Doubles Ranking: 1 (Mar 97)
Career Win-Loss Record: 534-166
Career Prize Money: $11,632,976

This truly fine speciman of women's tennis is the epitome of the counter-punching fighter. Not known for any particular weapon in her game, her most valuable asset is her ability to chase every ball down and hammer it over the net, making opponents play one more shot than they are normally used to.

Her groundies are strong and consistent, with the ability to hit winners from all over the place (she could hit some from the second row of the grand stand if she wanted to), although slightly off the pace from the likes of Steffi and Monica (those two have absolutely wicked ground strokes). Her serves are fast and furious, able to rocket-launch 160-170 km/h monsters.

No, she's not married to some guy called Vicario, it's a sign of respect for her mother. Speaking of marriage, she's been going out with some guy for the last two years. Maybe I can hunt down some more information about it soon. Will keep you posted as I am just as curious as everybody else. Also, I had this old article about Arantxa in this American magazine, about her family and all, so I might have a look for it and see if there is any other information I can put up here. I am waiting for some more Arantxa links, so if you have one for me to add, please let me know...

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