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Martina Hingis

Name: Martina Hingis
Birthdate: September 30, 1980
Birthplace: Kosice, Slovakia
Residence: Trubbach, Switzerland
Height: 5' 6" (1.67 m)
Weight: 115 lbs. (52 kg)
Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Racquet: Yonex Super RD Tour
Wears: Sergio Tacchini (ergh)
Status: Pro (October 14, 1994)
Current Singles Ranking: 1 (Apr 97)
Current Doubles Ranking: 5 (Mar 97)
Highest Singles Ranking: 1 (Apr 97)

Martina Hingis is an extremely talented tennis player. She isn't just another product of greedy selfish parents who want to feed off their daughter's talents. She really is quite good (and she's lush too. Everyone thinks I like her just because of how she looks).

Using a Yonex, she can generate a bit of oomph from the back court (this is hard to believe because she's only fifteen and looks puny, but she really can hit), hitting well off both the forehand and the good ol' two-fister. With the ability to hit winners both cross court and down the line (in particular her lethal down the line backhand, which she uses extremely well to set up most of her winners), she can match it with the best of them. With an arsenal of strokes, she plays both creatively and with variety. Her court coverage isn't all that bad either, although at times she does seem to reach those running shots half a step slower than she would like.

Martina Hingis

She can serve and volley respectively, willing to venture into the net more often than most of her opponents. She has confident volleying ability and a sizzling return of serve, skills learnt from playing doubles (she is ranked inside the top 30; she's got a good combo going with Iva Majoli). With a strong but not overly powerful first serve (I love her service stance, it's so cute!), she has been known to crank a few 150-160 kmh serves once in a while (Martina has not been overly working on her serve; she's still waiting for her shoulders and back tissue to fully develop before she starts doing any weight training). Add to that a deep, reliable kicking second serve (but not half as good as Edberg's in his younger days) and you've got a tennis player with a good, strong all round game.

With exceptionally good concentration, she is a force to be reckoned with. No longer will the likes of Steffi and Monica look at her and say "Ha ha baldy, come back in five years" but they will start to think twice.

At only fifteen, she's got all the time in the world to fully develop her game and claw her way into the top ten. And if Steffi and Monica ever shrivel up and die, you might see a twenty year old Swiss dominating the women's circuit.

Always smiling and always talking, she obviously enjoys the game. With hard work and determination (and with that cute bum-wiggle she does when she's receiving serve), I really hope she gets to No.1 one day. But she's first got to learn to contend with the great Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario.

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