CompSoc Seven Deadly Sins Pub Crawl - 28/29 August 1997

Here we go yet again with more photos of drunk students from UTS!..
Feel free to mail me descriptions for any photos which are missing them..



6:49pm Sue and Jess, signing up recruits
7:50pm Tamlin and Lith at the 2nd pub, Agincourt Hotel (Sloth)
7:50pm Gartrell and Matt.. Still standing!
7:53pm It's the devil herself aka Sue
7:53pm Matt and Tamlin
7:54pm Yet to be Described!
7:55pm A slothful display indeed!
7:57pm Nat and Andrew.. Put that tongue back in your head, boy!
8:51pm Singing at the 3rd pub, Convent Gardens (Greed)
8:55pm Adrian and Mike are in da house..
8:56pm We're too sexy for this stage
8:58pm And Daniel lends a helping note
8:59pm Nathan's friends - go the hand actions!
9:02pm Gartrell and Lith, dancing?!
9:02pm Tamlin, Mike and Matt
9:03pm Gearing up for a stage dive?
9:03pm Mase and Jodie
9:03pm Sue and Mike
9:03pm What! Me drunk.... never!
9:04pm Hey Mike, your horns are glowing!..
9:04pm Adam, Sue, Phil, Cheesy Mike and Jess's hair, looking suitably impressed
9:05pm Mase, Jodie and Bryn butting in
9:06pm Steve and Bryn
9:07pm Jess and Sue.. way too close!
9:07pm Nat and Steve...awwww
9:08pm Wendy and her dangly bits
9:08pm The city lights beckon Tamlin
9:08pm Yep, the cameraman's drunk too..
9:09pm Yet to be Described!
9:09pm Yet to be Described!
9:10pm Yet to be Described!
9:13pm A tree
9:18pm The 4th pub, Scruffy Murphys (Envy)
9:19pm Raz from above
9:20pm Someone can't aim.. Matt and Steve
9:29pm The question isn't who are these people, but rather how did this picture get taken?
9:30pm Gartrell and Lith
9:34pm Marty
9:42pm What a lovely smile.. Steve and Marty
9:48pm Twinkle Twinkle Little Flash, how I wonder what you are?
9:50pm Josh, Friend and Damo
9:51pm Matt and two willing admirers (Alicia and friend)
9:52pm Mason and Jodie
10:00pm Just Jeans
10:02pm Steve and Anand at the 5th pub, Cheers (Wrath)
10:02pm The Red Baron - Nathan
10:03pm Anand and Steve's hair
10:04pm Yet to be Described!
10:13pm Kelly, Will and Bryn - Meanage a Trois?
10:14pm Lisa and Tamlin - say cheese now
10:14pm Jess and her bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world!
10:15pm Adrian and Josh in their sexy compsoc tshirts
10:15pm Yet to be Described!
10:19pm Yet to be Described!
10:19pm Yet to be Described!
10:24pm Chris S, looking rather red
10:25pm Lith, side on
10:40pm I've run out of beer :(
10:41pm A collage of ppl - Pete, Steve, Sue, Raz, Marty, Lisa
10:56pm Marty and Nat at the 6th pub, Henry The 9th (Lust)
10:58pm Yet to be Described!
11:05pm Yet to be Described!
11:07pm The last we saw of Gartrell, and the finger!
11:59pm Mike at the 7th pub, St Patricks (Pride)
11:59pm Melanie and Mike
11:59pm Mike and Steve
12:00am Bryn and Melanie
12:00am Boogie Woogie
12:00am Kelly and Daniel strutting their stuff, return of the finger!
12:01am Sue and Damo
12:02am Greg and Damo at the pokies
12:04am And here they are again
12:12am Raz and Anand screaming at something
12:12am Nathan, Craig and Melanie dancing the congo?
12:14am Bryn, Kelly, Craig and Adam on de dance floor
12:15am Andrew caught in the headlights
12:18am Lith, Brenton, Damo and Jess
12:18am Lith, Brenton, Damo and Jess try again
12:18am Adam and Kelly get down
12:18am Melanie and Mike
12:19am Daniel, Bryn and Lith attack the camera
12:20am YMCA
12:20am Stozza and Caroline
12:21am Lots of people dancing
12:21am These compsci girls sure know how to let their hair down!
12:22am It's true, Bryn! You can't take a picture of yourself
12:24am Mike and Steve
12:25am Brenton, Dean and Pete getting to know each other better
12:26am Mike dancing away, he just can't stop
12:26am Caroline and buddy all smiles
12:27am Damian and Daniel - you're da man!
12:27am Greg, Paul, and Daniel the exhibitionist
12:28am Raz standing out
12:29am Ben and Pete concentrating on their feet
12:29am Pete, are you ok? Adam smiling sweetly
12:29am Melanie and Wendy checking out someone?
12:30am Who is this girl Bryn's dancing with?! Even he can't remember!
12:32am Bryn and Lith, another photo? Sure, why not?
12:37am Andrew, what a sexy tongue..
12:42am Andrew, Marty, Sue and Jess attempting to walk home..
12:46am No Marty, running in front of cabs is a bad idea..

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