CompSoc Harbour Cruise 1997 Photos

Saturday, 24th May 1997

Click here, you want to see the times for the photos... ( Thanks Sue, for the descriptions.. )

dc0001l.jpg Our friendly bartenders, Matt and Mase, ready for action!
dc0002l.jpg All we can say is that there is a naked woman here!
dc0003l.jpg Will's friends being pretty..
dc0004l.jpg Mish, Chris, Will, Liz, Si and Alison all in a row.
dc0005l.jpg Evan and Dougan, handsome as always!
dc0006l.jpg Jess, Stephen, Davina, Dave , Nick and Coln..
dc0007l.jpg Luka, Daniel, Jane, Jeremy, Damian and Pete...Jeremy, what are you about to do??
dc0008l.jpg The more mature amongst us, Anand, Peter, Raz and others. Jim being very self absorbed in the background.
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dc0009l.jpg I'm too sexy for this boat, Daniel strutting his stuff, Michael with someone else's hair, Tim and Trent.
dc0010l.jpg "I want you , I need you" says Josh
dc0011l.jpg Munchkin City, Alicia, Davina, Belinda and Jess.
dc0012l.jpg So who is Josh going home with tonight? Damo or Alicia??...
dc0013l.jpg ... The question is answered, Josh is taking them ALLLL home..*grin*
dc0014l.jpg Brings a whole meaning to hot dog..(Jeremy, Lith, Callum)
dc0015l.jpg Caroline and Co. Cheery lil campers..
dc0016l.jpg Mr Music.
dc0017l.jpg Kieran and Heather, yes we are taking a picture of you.
dc0018l.jpg Oliver, Craig and Friend displaying their testosterone
dc0019l.jpg Awww...what a sweetie our Matt is.
dc0020l.jpg Simon with friends, go the punch!!!
dc0021l.jpg Brenton, Talia, Jeremy, Daniel and Callum, rather drunk at this stage are we?
dc0022l.jpg Martin and Significant Other
dc0023l.jpg Lith looking just a little perplexed!
dc0024l.jpg Raymon, Simon, Andrew, Ken and Matt Daley
dc0025l.jpg Evidence A. Daniel and Lith.
dc0026l.jpg " I love the night life, I love to boogie "
dc0027l.jpg Hellllloooo down there...
dc0028l.jpg Evil Daniel attacking Jess..
dc0029l.jpg Nick, Davina and Nathan grinning madly
dc0030l.jpg Brenton, Nat's cousin, Nat and man in beanie.
dc0031l.jpg Trinh and Sue on the dance floor serenaded by Rob..
dc0032l.jpg Gavin, Scott and Trinh, eager participants on the dance floor
dc0033l.jpg Jeremy and Daniel getting a little too close for comfort?
dc0034l.jpg Phil, Damian, Nathan and Daniel...charming, Phil!
dc0035l.jpg Sprung! Matt and Anita doing their thang.
dc0036l.jpg "Do you think I could skull this beer from here??" Says Sam
dc0037l.jpg The missing member from KISS? ..Michael Stalenberg.
dc0038l.jpg Adrian, Brian and Astrid... used to modelling, I'm sure!
dc0039l.jpg Huddling to that song! Will's friends and Alison.
dc0040l.jpg Daniel, you're such a star with sidekick Trent.
dc0041l.jpg Coln and Michael, Cheers!
dc0042l.jpg Steve and Brenton mouth agape, but what at??
dc0043l.jpg Stephen, aren't you gorgeous?
dc0044l.jpg His brain is this big!
dc0045l.jpg Justin, doing his Chippendale pose(with clothes on of course!)
dc0046l.jpg "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse" says Daniel to Matt.
dc0047l.jpg Mase and the last slice of pizza, is that a look of guilt on his face
dc0048l.jpg Evidence B: "Its not what you think!!! Honestly!" Jeremy and Lith get kinda...close!
dc0052l.jpg Get DOWN!!! Scott and Michael!
dc0053l.jpg Evidence C: A close up of Lith and Dougan
dc0054l.jpg Stephen, Dave, Davina, Jess, Coln and Scott..what are you guys doing?
dc0055l.jpg "Two arms, both alike in dignity..." let us give thanks to the arms that fed us grog!
dc0056l.jpg Marty and Michael indulging in glove induced fantasies.
dc0057l.jpg Mase with his very own biosphere...
dc0058l.jpg ... that has just collapsed around him!
dc0059l.jpg "Phew, its over" say the relieved organisers of the mighty CompSoc Harbour Cruise!!!

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