Day 1 - Newcastle - Stockton Beach - Taree

Monday, 30th November 1998

Day 1 - Newcastle - Stockton Beach - Taree.

12:47pm Bryn on the Newcastle headland
12:47pm View from the Newcastle headland
12:47pm Large tankers just off the coast
1:19pm The sights coming over the bridge to Stockton
1:31pm The bridge to Stockton
2:09pm At the 4wd entrance to Stockton beach
2:09pm The sign at the 4wd access road to the beach
2:17pm Deflating the tires before entering the beach
2:27pm Driving along the beach
2:27pm More beach
2:28pm Bryn's driving causes the photo to get stuffed up *Oops*
2:30pm The large dunes hills
2:31pm Dune hill
2:31pm Damn that's big!
2:32pm Bryn drives the car off a dune cliff!! Guess that makes him even after Steve's crash last year.
2:33pm "F$*K !! That's a BIG jump" - Bryn surveys the scene (notice there are NO track marks on the down hill part. A complete jump...)
2:34pm ... Nose first into the ground (notice the sand on the bumper)
2:34pm Only minor damage to the bumper. Bit more damage to the occupants (bruises on chest from seatbelts + Bryn's head from the steering wheel)
2:39pm "Hey Steve. Where are we!?"
2:43pm Down some more dunes
2:52pm Finally made it through the dunes and onto the beach
3:04pm A fellow beach go'er
3:34pm The "Sygna" Shipwreck on Stockton beach
3:35pm The car and the "Sygna" Shipwreck
3:35pm and again
3:36pm Another angle
3:36pm Bryn preparing to take photos of the shipwreck
3:36pm Another shot
3:38pm That's a lot of beach
3:38pm I reckon we should be taking photos for Suzuki's marketing dept.
4:09pm On the way out of the dunes
4:38pm The damage on closer inspection
4:50pm The access trail behind us
4:50pm and again
4:52pm The ever important permit (You need one to go on Stockton Beach - See the bakery in Williamtown)

Created 6th December, 1998