Saturday, 7th November 1998

What else do you do, when assignments are stressing you out? Give your friends nice big bruises all over their bodies of course! :)
After a shockingly early Saturday morning start, we did just this, at Adventure Quest PaintBall Skirmish, located near Windsor.

8:49am Ready for action (Dan, Uri, MiKe and Steve)
8:49am A side on view of a mask; with Luke hiding behind it
8:49am Maria, Jo and Nicole discuss the girls tactics "Duck and Hide"
8:50am Bryn emerges from the 'gents' after pulling on his Cams
9:11am "Don't Shoot!!" The referee takes a photo
9:52am MiKe after the first game
9:52am The first game debriefing
9:52am Anita "Is it meant to hurt that much!?"
9:53am John and Nicole
10:40am Bryn in the shade of his mask
10:40am Everyone discusses their 'first hit'
10:41am Jo, John and Maria
10:58am Taking a shot while dodging sniper fire
10:59am 3 players provide cover for the charge
11:00am Bryn - mean looking isn't he
11:15am Game shot
11:16am Game shot
11:17am A killed player returns to the safe zone
11:27am Dan and Trent looking very warn out
11:27am Chris and Bryn talk to some of the other players
11:27am John and Maria take it easy
12:49pm Bryn removes some paint from his face during lunch
12:50pm Anita's Hand "Don't even shoot me with a camera"
12:53pm Peter and Nicole at lunch
12:53pm ...and again
12:54pm hmm.. no you can't take a picture and eat your lunch
1:01pm Other players sit down and discus the morning's games
1:01pm Steve eats his rations
1:03pm Do'h no flash
1:05pm Chris reminisces on an earlier received wound
1:05pm Anita and Chris
1:05pm ...and again
1:06pm Anita - Dressed to kill
1:08pm Damn that's gotta hurt (Bryn's Left Knee)
1:08pm Bryn and MiKe
1:26pm Game Shot
1:27pm Game Shot
1:27pm Game Shot
1:28pm Game Shot
1:28pm Game Shot
1:30pm Game Shot
1:32pm Debrief in the protected shed
1:33pm SPLAT! Chris leaves his mark on some poor girl
2:21pm Game Shot
2:24pm Game Shot
2:28pm Game Shot
2:29pm Game Shot
2:30pm A player with a gun jam
2:33pm Game Shot
2:33pm Game Shot
2:34pm Game Shot
2:35pm Our great Ref Andrew (in Green) talks to another ref
2:35pm Trent, Dan and Uri
2:38pm "What do you mean I've got to get back out there" - Mike
2:38pm Chris laughing about a funny kill (sorry tag) he made
2:41pm Covered in mud ,sweat and bruises. But still ready to head out to the next game
2:41pm Anita sitting in the shade
2:51pm Game Shot
2:55pm Game Shot
2:55pm Game Shot
2:56pm Game Shot
2:56pm Game Shot
2:57pm Andrew (the ref) about to shoot one of the players
3:14pm The aftermath - Bruised and battered but still able to raise a smile
3:18pm Anita jumps in the car ready to go home for a cool shower

Created 7th November, 1998