CompSoc & BITSA Halloween Harbour Cruise

Friday, 30th October 1998


7:59pm The queue for the boat
8:13pm Dan and Caroline
8:13pm Sam and Jodie waiting in line for the bar
8:16pm Matt and Sarah
8:25pm Our cute Spanish guest Maria
8:26pm The Harbour Bridge by night (when will people learn that they never turn out)
8:29pm The Bar queue
8:29pm Is the boat on an angle?!
8:39pm Maria and Bryn get *real* close
8:42pm The crowd outside
8:43pm Two she-devils
8:44pm Drunk already!?
8:45pm UNSW people
8:46pm Tax and friends
8:46pm What a cute bunch of devils *evil GrinZ*
8:47pm Matt and 'horny' friend
8:48pm Put that tongue away Bryn
8:54pm Cowboy and Indian perhaps?
9:01pm Awww how sweet
9:02pm Maria, Bryn, Caroline, James and Dan
9:02pm Peter looking drunk
9:03pm ... and again
9:03pm Jodie and Sam
9:12pm Damian
9:12pm Don't waste the Beer!!!!
9:12pm Another couple
9:13pm Damian again
9:14pm UNSW people
9:27pm Sarah and Oliver
9:28pm Someone caught in the flash with Maria and Dan
9:29pm The dance floor
9:30pm Top of two heads
9:30pm Hiding from the camera under a shirt
9:33pm Josh on the dance floor
9:33pm Dance floor
9:33pm Walking to the dance floor
9:34pm "Come-on lets do the twist"
9:35pm Jodie
9:35pm Jodie, posing for the camera
9:41pm The pile of pizza boxes
9:43pm Bryn jumps in a photo with some UNSW people
9:44pm He doesn't seem happy
9:45pm Nice boots
9:46pm Steve with his JD and Coke
9:48pm Dance floor
9:49pm Dance floor
9:49pm The roof
9:55pm Sam, James, Josh (hiding) and Tax
9:56pm The Sculling comp (won by UTS of course)
9:57pm Watch out for that harbour breeze
9:59pm Purdey
9:59pm Andre, ?? and Alison
10:02pm One of the toilets
10:05pm Bryn getting some medical advice
10:05pm Bryn giving some drinking advice
10:08pm Dance floor
10:09pm Dance floor
10:09pm Dance floor
10:09pm Someone asleep
10:10pm Two guys by the side of the dance floor
10:10pm Are those stars floating around her head?
10:11pm Sarah and Oli
10:15pm Anita
10:31pm Alison
10:32pm Someone hiding
10:33pm Purdey and Bryn in a Nurse's hat
10:33pm Bryn looking very drunk
10:34pm One of the very drunk UNSW exec members
10:38pm Darling Harbour by night
11:22pm A starry female and a cute devil
11:23pm Good versus Evil (Damo fighting Bryn)
11:23pm Damo retreats and Evil triumph
11:26pm Josh chats up the nurse
11:28pm Yuppie!!
11:36pm Steve
11:37pm Don't fall
11:38pm Marty
11:38pm Anita
11:42pm The roof and a hand
11:42pm ?? and Purdey
11:45pm Flashed out
11:45pm Drunken conversation
11:52pm Steve asleep
11:52pm Anita and Peter with a sly look
11:53pm I've got no idea what this is!
11:53pm The flooded girls toilet
11:53pm The low roof on the dance floor
11:54pm Yep, she's drunk!
11:55pm The night draws to a close
11:58pm Bryn + weird hat = drunken fool *lol*

Created 8th November, 1998