Java GUI Converter

I wrote the original version of this program after being frustrated with the tedium of the process of manually process. I did not have the time to write a full blown HTML and CSS editor, but wanted to leverage existing software to graphically lay out the components. Be warned that this is therefore a crude tool rather than a polished commercial grade software projected.

What this software does is take an existing Java Container subclassing from java.awt.Container (eg. Panel, JPanel) and allow it to be converted to another format. For the intial release the only concrete class for conversion is JavaGUIToHTMLAndCSSConverter. It uses DIV sections and corresponding CSS classes to position equivalent GUI components on a HTML page. Two files are produced - a HTML file and a CSS file. There is NO ATTEMPT to convert other code, including events.

At present this is a work in progress. Each and every type of Swing and AWT requires specific code for conversion to HTML and CSS. At present I've only covered a handful of components. Please see the test Panels for examples of which components are covered. If I find there is enough interest in what I've produced so far, I may spend some more time on this. Please contact me if you wish to have something added or wish to build on this code yourself.

If you want to download it now here it is:

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