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Jim's Army :

James Adams
James is the founder of the Black Ravens. The series of groups and their offspring groups he has trained represents 50 odd strong force, collectively known as Jim's Army.

The heavy infantry of Jim's Army, a skilled group focused wholy on improving their combat skills. They have an awesome tract of group land near Braidwood, named Dunghaven.

Uppsala are a group with whom we enjoy training regularly.

Groups in our area :

The Ancient Arts Fellowship (AAF)
AAF are a Canberra group we also enjoy fighting whenever we can get the chance. Home of some great fighters, some crazy french people (not mutually exclusive!) and the snodgafl! Hosts of Beorg Wic camp each October.

The New England Medieval Arts Society inc.
NEMAS host the Armidale easter gathering which regularly draws a great attendance from across Australia and NZ. They are accomplished craftspeople and hosts.

A medieval group based in the blue mountains.

New Varangian Guard - Miklagard (Sydney) Garrison
A group portraying vikings in the service of the byzantines.

Australian Groups :

ARLHO - The Australasian Register of Living History Organisations
ARLHO have a quite comprehensive list of Australian living history groups. They provide a listing for many groups that do not have an online presence.

Grahame Amy Photos BMF - Lions' Rampant
Guidelines for Interclub Combat - Australasia
James Adams Historical Enterprises Homepage
Yahoo! Groups living_history

Armouries and Suppliers - Australian :

The Medieval Emporium
Excellent prices and great service. Suppliers of off the shelf medieval equipment

Awl Leather
An Australian supplier of good quality reenactment shoes. They are not constructed in a 100% period manner, but they look great, are reasonably priced, and deliver quickly.

Talerwyn Forge
Alex was a curious bloke that stopped a couple of black ravens members in the streets of Bankstown one day. He went on to make much of our gear, then much of everyone elses gear. Check out his pattern welded work.

Manning Imperial
Craig at Manning Imperial makes fine quality reproductions in Melbourne, only a state away.

The Reverend's Arms and Armour Emporium
A kind of sporadically updated online garage sale for disparate bits of reenactment gear from the Blue Mountains

Armour Construction :

William Hurt's Age Of Armour Tutorial Index
anvilfire Armoury - The Swords and Helm page
Churburg 13 Breastplate
Gauntlets creases.jpg
Krag armoury instructions
milan-HR 01
My Past Armour Projects and Patterns
Real Armor
The Armour Archive View topic - Sallets - acceptability of product for LH
The Armour Archive View topic - X post DIY Gauntlet kits
The Armourers workshop
Wisby Metacarpal Plate Construction
How to make a Coif

Armour recreations of interest :'s Harness 2004.jpg
The Armour Archive View topic - New to the 14th century question
Valentine Armouries -

Armouries - Overseas :

Albion Armorers -- Armor Collections
Anshelm Arms and Armor
Becky's First Project
Bladeturner Armoury
Bokalo's Armoury
Mad Matt's Armory
Swords by Albion -- Hand Made in the USA
Valentine Armouries -
Zweihammer Armoury
Bannockburn 2003
Circa1265 braies information
Circa1265 male kit index
Curved-front-seam method 13
Deliberately Concealed Garments Project Take a Guided Tour
From the Skin Out
Hand Sewing
Phil Fraser
Reconstructing History Patterns
Recreating 14th Century Braies
simple medieval dress
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Kyrtles-Cotes-Tunics-Gowns
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Storm Tidings 14th Century Garb
Tablet weaving pictures
The Armour Archive View topic - Buttons or not 14th Cent. Coathardie
The Armour Archive View topic - Kilts
The Tailoring of the Grande Assiette

womens clothes :

14th Century Shift - Briaca's Demesne
How To Make Self-Supporting Bodices PsalterEast Anglia, circa 1325-1335-13777_2.jpg
Silk-Wrapped Wire Circlet
Women's Rolled-Stuffed Hats

Extant Armour :

Rustningar - Visby COP's
The Royal armour of Chartres Cathedral

Forums :

FireStryker Living History Forum
Cunnan SCA wiki - Index
The Armour Archive View Forum - Armour - Design and Construction

historic fencing and combat technique :

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
I.33 Medieval German Sword & Buckler Manual
I33 Flowchart Analysis Notes
Sword Forum International - MS I.33 Chivalry Bookshelf - Royal Armouries press release
The Gallery
Translated version of

Living History Groups :

1250-1325 studies and living history
Britannia, The Arthurian Society.
Compagnia de' Peon
De Liebaart - Thuis pagina
Gaddgedlar Historical Re-enactment Society
Historia vivens 1300
Kongshirden 1308 - Akershus
La Belle Compagnie Home Page
Medieval Siege Society Ltd
Men of Warwick -- Home Page
Milities de Bec Home Page
Photo Gallery
Préachán Fuilteach Kit Guide
Translated version of
Ulfhednar - professional reenactment
The Compagnie of Saynt George

manuscripts :
Life of King Edward the Confessor
Maciejowski 14
Maciejowski 16
Maciejowski Bible Start Page
Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
Tempora Nostra - das Mittelalter lebt
The Armour Archive View topic - circa 1400 armour from 1358 peasant revolt artwork

other armour construction :

13th Century Leg Armor
Arms and Armour Index
Corrazina pattern.
FireBear Armoury - Finest quality Chainmail Armour, Clothing, Jewellery and fetich fashions
Gambeson boccia drawing.bmp
Lawrance Ordnance's Sharpened Edge store
Shield Construction
The Armour Archive View topic - Anybody have plans for a foldable armouring stand
The Armour Archive View topic - New To Armoring, Trying Hardened Leather
Fröjel Gotlandica Viking Re-Enactment Society.
Halvgrimr's Viking-PreViking Helm Presentation-Webpage
Historiska världar
Regia Anglorum - Arms and Armour of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age - Helmets
Steppe nomadic armour from Birka
The Vikings
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor