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Re: [SLUG] hd head crash = what, exactly?

That doesn't sound like a head crash. More like the drive motor has locked
up (bearings, or whatever). So you may not be completely SOL.
2600 had a guy from a data recovery company talking about this at their last
seminar (might be worth checking out. I think they have audio of the talks
on their website.)

Suggestions were/are, give the drive a light bang (on the side), shake it,
either side to side, or in a circular motion, or spin it around (tape it to
a chair, spin?).

**Disclaimer: I've Never Done Any Of The Above. I dunno what it'll do to
your drive, but, in theory, it should help, unless it was a head crash, and
you're planning to send it to a data recovery company (in which case, it'll
probably screw it up more than it already is). :)


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Subject: [SLUG] hd head crash = what, exactly?
: hlo slugsters
: shame i missed your last meeting with tridge!
: i was using smbclient to back up a windows system over my local network to
: local ext2 partition... when the copy crashed.  on reboot fsck choked and
: from then on whenever i apply power to the drive it goes click, click,
: click, click for ever until power is disconnected.  neither parted, fdisk,
: etc or the manufacturer's tools can get a hold of the disk.
: what did i do to deserve this :)  is there anything i can do to save a
: couple of my tax admin folders, and maybe my MH folders?
: help me obi-slug you're my only hope :)
: cpaul aka howdi, out.

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