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Re: [SLUG] hd head crash = what, exactly?

> ...snip....

> If you have no further use for the scrap metal, I know of a sculpter
> whose uses hard disk platters in his work, and a model engeering club
> that uses cast metal to make model parts. The circuit board can be
> recycled through MIR.

great idea......warranty sounds like a goer tho :)

>  "People without trees are like fish without clean water"

yes, and far more important

from http://www.greens.org.au/bobbrown/stxy1.htm

The Tallest Trees in the Southern Hemisphere

Greens Senator Bob Brown is leading a campaign to save the tallest flowering
plants in the world in the 'Valley of the Giants' in Tasmania.  The Trees in
the Styx valley, just 2 hours from Hobart, are the second tallest trees on
the planet just behind the Redwoods in California.   These magnificent
forests are being logged for woodchips by the Howard Government and the
Tasmanian State ALP Government.

lots of info there, and of course..



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