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[SLUG] From newbie to...

... whatever it is I am now.

I was chatting to someone (sorry, I don't think we got to introductions!) at
the meeting who asked about how one gets from newbie to... not-newbie.
During the conversation I tried to remember what my first post to SLUG was
about, and couldn't put my finger on it.

I kinda remember a lot of SLUG before I ever posted (I was a long-time
lurker), but it looks like this was my first post:


[ Thanks to Terry Collins, who has archives further back than the SLUG
machine and ProgSoc. ]

I hardly expected to come across this one:


[ Funnily enough, my first install of Debian ended up being the SLUG server,
from a Linuxcare BBC (which bundled a minimal slink) at the office I was
working at, then a hasty (and wildly impressive at the time) upgrade to
potato at UTS. Until then, I had used Red Hat and e-smith (almost)
exclusively. ]

And then my first proper question:


Use dd and nfs, kiddo. ;)

[ I'm cheating a bit here, as I did have some experience with Linux far, far
back, just before version 1, although I never saw it as anything but an
exotic toy to play with back then. I always dreamed of owning an SGI (I did
a lot of film and graphic art work), so Linux was a little taste of "kiddy"
Unix. If you reckon Debian's an arse to install, be thankful you didn't have
to download all the critical components and make floppies of the lot just to
install it! X, if my memory serves me, was 30 1.44MB floppies! ]

So, in 1998 I vowed never to be a part of the "computer industry" again (I
was jack of the sleaze and bullshit of the Windows world), early 1999 I
remembered "that Linux thing" and through some fault of Grahame Kelly and
family, found that there was heart and soul on the "outskirts" of the
industry after all... I dived in head first (really, really head first) and
haven't surfaced since. :)

So if you (like the person I spoke to at SLUG) are one of the many people
looking at Linux as an incredible series of mountains to climb, certainly be
prepared to stumble around a bit finding your way. If hard work and all the
very helpful SLUGgers aren't enough, you can always try the angry-young-man-
with-political-incentive tactic that I chose. ;)

And never be too embarrassed to post to SLUG! Everyone was a newbie once.

- Jeff

            "you misspelt 'world dominatrix'" - James Wilkinson             

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