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Re: [SLUG] Joining SLUG Remotely

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On 30/06/2001 at 1:55 AM Anthony Rumble smilie@nospam.LinuxHelp.com.au
[gregausit/slug] wrote:

>> I have not followed this thread, but you guys may be able to use PayPal
>> member dues etc, they now accept Australian Bank accounts, you can call
>> some time if you want me to explain how it all works or look at
>> www.paypal.com
>Yeah, but it still goes through US Dollars at some point.. so the money
>will end up being different all the time..
>Id love to use it on my site too.. except of 2 problems..
>1. This US Dollar conversion issue..

Yes, it will probably not suit anyone who must have exact Aus dollar
amounts, for me the closest AU dollar is ok so I would just look up the
daily exch. rate and manually calculate, ie for SLUG I would use it and pay
say $28 Aus dollar to be sure I covered the amount, but I realise this
would probably not suit many people, and in your case you could not expect
customers to do this......I have been using the system for a while, at
least they have Aus bank accounts now, I am also under the belief that AU
dollars was on the cards, the US slump may have slowed this plan down

>2. I can't validate myself, because it doesn't seem to like my credit
>card.. I've tried everything.. and it just says "Denied" every time.. My
>card is fine.. Im booking stuff up on it all the time.. It's just paypal's
>systems don't like it.. So.. While Id love to try it out.. I can't use
>it.. and if I can't use it, theres probably lots of others who can't too..
>which is kind of limiting.

Yeah, cards can be a problem, I can tell you that the service has not been
idle (ie changes and card companies forced some restrictions, ie I used to
be able to credit my debit card, the card companies soon crushed that, I
believe it is back on again now)

>I emailed their support, and they were totally unhelpfull.

Yes, it is like anywhere, probably outsourced to some "clone" call centre
where cut and paste answers are the order of the day, anything requiring
real knowledge or help is just too hard for most call centres, I am willing
to help you offline, I have helped a few organizations setup accounts.

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