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Re: [SLUG] Telstra Outages

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Dean Hamstead wrote:

> No bitching
> but seeing telstra was out today (adsl for 7 hours)
> id like to encourage people to get the value of that
> period credited to next month.
> for adsl this is only about $1 ( $100*7/(24*30) )
> however thats $1 that your basically giving to them
> $1 that could buy you some nice refreshing coke.
> remembering that if all customers hit them up for
> that $1, it would be 10,000's of dollars.
> something that may even inspire them to provide a
> product half as good as they say it might be.

My pet budgie told me, that the reason for the outage, had something to do
with some over-eager pointy haired people who pushed though some sort of
system or software update.. that had little or no testing..  and of
course.. it didn't work.. and the authentication server (The SINGLE linch
pin of the WHOLE adsl network) didn't..

I definately think a refund is in order.

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