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Re: [SLUG] Joining SLUG Remotely

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Jon Austin wrote:

> > I have not followed this thread, but you guys may be able to use PayPal
> for
> > member dues etc, they now accept Australian Bank accounts, you can call me
> > some time if you want me to explain how it all works or look at
> > www.paypal.com
> As I said last time this thread occurred...
> The company I work for full time (and we contract SLUGers) offers a
> 'non credit card/bank account' (read: NOT paypal) payment system that
> would easily let SLUG accept membership dues from anyone. Potential
> SLUG member buys it from any Australia Post office (giroPost). We were
> also prepared to offer SLUG a heavily discounted merchant fee.
> I cannot do anything more than offer. It is up to someone in the committee
> or enough SLUG'ers to request it.

As a technocash merchant.. I can say.. it works.. And it's not hard to

Not a lot of users using it yet tho.. Prolly needs more BIG advertising..
big bucks for that tho..

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