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RE: [SLUG] Re: Success with X Windows, of a sort ...

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Adam F. Bogacki wrote:

> Actually, the message I received when I had a closer look after sending my
> last (success !!) message was
>              "This xserver does not support the Shape extension.
>              This is needed for Enlightenment to run.
>              Your Xserver is probably too old or misconfigured"

Erp.  OK, this is handleable.

> I know I have XFree86 Version 4.0.3 installed via apt-get but but my XF86
> Config is 1996 vintage.

I'll reiterate my suggestion to use the config file I supplied in it's
entireity.  It has support for the shape estension (through, IIRC, extmod).

Hacking a line into a 3.3.6 X config may work (personally, I'm surprised it
did) but so much ahs changed between 3.3.6 and 4 that you're missing out on
a *lot* of good stuff - like the extensions...

> Other uggestions I have received include
> apt-get install task-x-window-System      (overkill perhaps, but it might
> work)

Hmm... when all you have are task packages everything looks like a task? 

> and
> dkpg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86          (a bit more targeted)

That would probably hit the nail quite happily.  If a config file is
actually written (I've reconfigured a couple of times and a new file hasn't
been written - don't ask me why) it will be all XFree 4, and all will be

> At the moment I'm just glad to have my GUI up again but I would like to fix
> the anomaly sometime.

Well, what you want is to add 

Section "Module"
	Load "extmod"

That will solve the current problem, but without a complete XFree 4 config
you're losing out elsewhere.

> I assume that Debian potato 2.2.r2 which I initially installed used XFree86
> 4.0.3 - it had a much more aesthetic login.

Nope, it's 3.3.6.  The reason it worked was that in Xfree 3.3.6 all
extensions were monolithic parts of each X server.  Now you can load modules
somewhat dynamically (like the kernel) but there isn't any way of specifying
modules to be loaded on the fly, so you need to specify which modules (and
hence which extensions) will be used in your X server.

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Matthew Palmer

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