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[SLUG] Quick Debian Network Q.

Making a first foray into Debian networking yesterday I
surprised myself by getting things working!
modprobe eth0
ifup eth0
then my two route add <blah> <blah> commands
one default to the Internet and one for my little LAN
(if you can call 2 machines a LAN!).

OK, I know how to get the module and interface
loaded at boot time, but where in debian does one stick
the two route command so they come up at boot.
/etc/init.d/local ??  Is there an equivalent for
Debian, or is it a matter of writing your own
S & K scripts in the appropriate /rc.? directory

The debian guide mentions /etc/init.d/network
but I have /etc/init.d/networking
(Debian Sid BTW)
Can I copy the /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/network
file into /etc/init.d and with suitable editing have the
routing come up at boot time?

jdub made mention of the /etc/network/interfaces file
in the slug archives, and how this can set the default route,
is this the appropriate place for my 'private' route aswell??

thanks all

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