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[SLUG] Debian/KDE on a funkin lappy

Hey all,

being a complete newby and having RTFMs for a few weeks... I am now sending a 
general request for hand holding on multiple topics....

I've got KDE up and running fine under Potato... on my pIII 600 Acer 
travelmate 734tl (128meg, 2 x 12gig)... got my head around dselect etc and on 
my way to ditching M$ and Cold Fusion to get on with my work designing web 
apps under Linux with PHP/apache... YAY..

but I can't get sound working (it was fine under gnome/xdm but not now under 
kdm/kde)... I think i need serious hand holding with this one...

and althought ive got true type font working they aren't anti aliased...

also the whole printing thing is going way over my head...

If there is a kind sole out there who feels like nursing a newby through some 
of these things please send me some tips off list (or on list if you think 
its appropriate..)




PS: I know that debian/kde is not the simple path... but i figure if i can 
get it working right i will have developed a clue =)


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