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Re: [SLUG] Linux multi disc booting story, tips


Thanks for an excellent write up.  I was going to head down this path
until I calculated that new 40GB drives + the upgraded IDE controllers
to do RAID on was going to cost me more than just staying with SCSI
(SCSI drive prices have dropped away significantly in the US recently,
I ordered some 36GB 80MB/sec drives fairly cheap).

Just one comment:

luke@nospam.research.canon.com.au wrote:

> ... The new RH7.1 kernel is on /dev/md1 (/dev/md0 is a swap
> partition), and the old kernels and RH installs of course are on the old
> discs.

If you're doing software RAID in Linux, there is absolutely no gain
in putting a swap partition on RAID.  It's just more work for the
kernel, since if you have multiple swap partitions the kernel will
just stripe them automatically anyway.


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