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Re: [SLUG] Joining SLUG Remotely

> I have not followed this thread, but you guys may be able to use PayPal
> member dues etc, they now accept Australian Bank accounts, you can call me
> some time if you want me to explain how it all works or look at
> www.paypal.com

As I said last time this thread occurred...

The company I work for full time (and we contract SLUGers) offers a
'non credit card/bank account' (read: NOT paypal) payment system that
would easily let SLUG accept membership dues from anyone. Potential
SLUG member buys it from any Australia Post office (giroPost). We were
also prepared to offer SLUG a heavily discounted merchant fee.

I cannot do anything more than offer. It is up to someone in the committee
or enough SLUG'ers to request it.

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