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Re: [SLUG] Joining SLUG Remotely

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On 29/06/2001 at 2:11 AM Anand Kumria akumria@nospam.linux.org.au [gregausit/slug]

>> Neither have I. The plan was to have credit card thingeries going
>> Linux Australia, but we've heard poop all, and I've no idea what the
>> of LA is at the moment anyway.
>That is because SLUG has never asked Linux Australia about it.
>You've asked me, informally, which is entirely different.
>I can not ask on SLUG's behalf because I am involved with both groups:
>- arm's length and all that. What is in the interests of SLUG may not
>be in the interest of LA.

Hey Anand..

I have not followed this thread, but you guys may be able to use PayPal for
member dues etc, they now accept Australian Bank accounts, you can call me
some time if you want me to explain how it all works or look at


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