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[SLUG] What is LPI ? What is ELC ? -- info only

Hello All,

I know some SLUG members are aware of what LPI or ELC stands for, yesterday
Richard and I used the abbreviation "LPI" in replies, I have been asked
what LPI is, so I will just put this out there.

In short, LPI stands for, Linux Professional Institute, you can find more
information here   http://www.lpi.org    or can ask me any questions you do
not have answered when you have looked at the site, LPI is run by Linux
Community members and produces *NO* course material, only hi quality,
neutral, non profit exams to help further Linux uptake in the Commercial
world, the tests are no "slam dunk", so if someone holds an LPI cert, they
will have a certain skill level.

LPI goals are low cost certification for all & run by the Community, good
stuff don't you think? :)

If I use the term  "ELC", it is also a non profit org, till a few months
ago the charter was promotion of Linux in the Embedded space (like an LI
for Embedded), now we are also moving into standards in a step by step
fashion, you can find more out at  http://www.embedded-linux.org   or again
you can ask me direct.

Both organisations have people from Australia & SLUG members/supporters


Greg Wright

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