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Re: [SLUG] [Still] Installing squid

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 11:38:57AM +1000, Phillipus Gunawan (mr_phillipus@nospam.yahoo.com) wrote:
> Yes... thx....
> Actually I've been remove my old squid totally and install the new one. 

Not a good idea as you killed the old config stuff.
You should rename the old stuff first so you always are able to
see how the old stuff worked! AND you can refer back to the old config file
and USE THAT ONE and add the new stuff to it (from the new config file).

>I found that some folder under id 52 which I couldn't find the owner. So I changed the permission to the 'root'
> I try to execute '/usr/local/squid/bin/squid -z' again, this is what I got:
> FATAL: getgrnam failed to find groupid for effective group 'nogroup'

It looks very much like you did not run:
  `make install`

> my question is:
> - do we have to create the 'nogroup' as user in the box?

**You DONT**, your permissions are all wrong! You must have a user AND group squid.
The cache directory MUST BE OWNED by squid as the first instance of
squid runs under root and the next instance runs under squid.

> - why? what is that for? why squid use it?
> - is that ok if I put the root instead nogroup? would it be become dangerous? what's the best one?
> - if all my question are... totally wrong.. please give me recommendation.. :)


and depending on your setup/distro:


There are LOTS of html files in there, read them all!
Then read the complete config file, this give you loads of info.


  Squid is real easy to install cause it has really nice info/docs.
  They have done a great job with it!


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