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Re: [SLUG] Re: Success with X Windows, of a sort ...

Adam F. Bogacki was once rumoured to have said:
> Actually, the message I received when I had a closer look after sending my
> last (success !!) message was
>              "This xserver does not support the Shape extension.
>              This is needed for Enlightenment to run.
>              Your Xserver is probably too old or misconfigured"
> I know I have XFree86 Version 4.0.3 installed via apt-get but but my XF86
> Config is 1996 vintage.

Yes, but the config syntax changed drastically since then[1].

> At the moment I'm just glad to have my GUI up again but I would like to fix
> the anomaly sometime.
> I assume that Debian potato 2.2.r2 which I initially installed used XFree86
> 4.0.3 - it had a much more aesthetic login.

Uh, no - Debian/potato uses XFree86 3.3.6.  XFree doesn't provide your
login screen, your display manager does.

Xfree86 4.x's XDM is the same as the one that OpenBSD has been using
since at least 2.6[2], which is generally prettier than the stock Xaw[3] one
that has been shipping with linux distros since the dawn of time[4].

However, most people use gdm or kdm instead of xdm because they're
generally more pretty[5].

Of course, xdm is still the best option if you need XDMCP for driving
XTerminals.  I've never been able to get gdm to respond correctly to
an indirect XDMCP session.

(Indirect sessions should bring up a host chooser so you can select a
machine to host your session - given I own a fair few systems, and 2 X
Terminals, its a fairly important feature to have)


[1] Just like it did between XFree86 version 2 and version 3.
[2] I can't vouch for earlier, I only started using OpenBSD at 2.6.  
    NetBSD was using the classic XDM when I started using it around 1.3.
[3] Despite what Gus says about Xt being funky, Xaw is still ugly as hell.
[4] Dawn of time, in this context, being when I started back in the
    days of XFree86 2.x.  If you like calculating modelines, you would 
    have loved XFree86 2.x
[5] More proof that people *still* pick aethetics over functionality. 
    *sigh*  This is what led us to bloody windows in the first place.
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