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Re: [SLUG] xdvi displays RGB ! - SOLVED

Hi Guys,

This is a follow up to my problem with the solution (well workaround) 
as I don't know WHY) so that if others have the same problem a 
solution will be findable.

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 01:21:13PM +1000, Mike Lake wrote:
> Hi,
> I made a post a while ago on my fonts in xdvi appearing strange.
> (22 May 2001). I still have not worked out what the prob is.

The rest of the text is below for reference but I found out how
to fix the problem. I have to start xdvi with the option
"-copy" (this can be put into the .Xdefaults file too as a resource).
The man page says about this:

"-copy  (.copy) Always use the copy operation when  writing characters 
to the display.  This option may be necessary for correct operation 
on a color display, but overstrike characters will be incorrect. If 
greyscale anti-aliasing is in use, the -copy operation will disable 
the use of colorplanes and make overstrikes come out incorrectly. "

I don't know why this is now required when I didn't need it before.
It occurred after one of those magical mystery apt-get upgrades :-)

The rest of the previous post was:
> When I run xdvi the fonts appear to be "colour separated" ie
> all the letters instead of being black on a white background
> are alternating, vertical blue/red stripes."
> See previous post for the details. Seems like no one here
> has encountered tha prob before but I have found out a few
> more snippets that may help someone to guess what my prob may be.
> If I hit 1G while in xdvi to turn on anti-aliasing the "colour
> separation" disappears but I have bitty fonts - yep expected as
> ani-aliasing is now off. If I type 0G to turn off aliasing I get 
> the color-separated fonts again.

other text snipped.....

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