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Re: [SLUG] NZ proposes GST on downloaded software.[ Here next ?]

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On 28/06/2001 at 5:32 PM Richard Sharpe sharpe@nospam.ns.aus.com [gregausit/slug]

>Jeff Waugh wrote:
>> <quote who="Richard Sharpe">
>>> So, the reality is that for companies, things do not cost 10% more, so 
>>> there is no advantage to using free software.
>> Obviously not because Free Software is 100% less than 10% less than
>110%? :)
>> Surely there were those other advantage of Free Software in there too...
>Jeff, you have taken my quote completely out of context.
>I was responding to the claim that GST makes free software somehow more 
>attractive than non-free software for businesses. It is just not so.

I would have to agree here, in Aus and I suspect NZ, we already pay highly
inflated prices for most software because of a weak dollar etc etc, in many
business uses many other factors come into play when deciding on a
solution. I won't go into other brain dead ideas of controling the
Internet, I ashamedly think we must be world leaders in this area, however
any poor sod in Aus who recieves funds for registration of software that
has been downloaded will already be passing on the GST in most cases.

>As to your other claims about the advantages of free software, the 
>situation is very complex, and perception is reality for many businesses.

This is true, but I have to say in many places I have gone, I am happy with
the uptake of Linux by many Australian companies, but in the end each has
to do their own deciding, I have read tech docs by so called IT
professionals that would make your hair curl (reasons why X OS is superior
to Y), in the end I would have to concede that obviously X is an expert at
marketing and the main reason why it was chosen.

>I am someone who lives and breathes free software, and while my record 
>is not as resplendent as that of some others, I think it speaks for 
>itself.  However, the world is an inherently complex place, and the GPL 
>creates difficulties for some businesses.  In addition, until we have 
>strong certification, like LPI, being pushed at businesses by all the 
>Linux supporters around the world, free software will appear to be 
>unsupported and unsupportable to many businesses.

Speaking of LPI and my main reason for chiming in, can you contact me off
list Richard ? Also anyone interested in helping promote LPI could contact
myself, LPI will be creating a formal body here to help promote the
certification (funds are needed).

There has been some interest in certification here, but not enough IMHO,
the LPI certs are recognised by many large corporations througout the world
(if there is interest on SLUG a seperate thread could be started)


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