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Re: [SLUG] Procmail question

<quote who="Jobst Schmalenbach">

> :0
> * ^From.*jobst.*
> IN.sysadmin

Well, conventionally, I would write that as:

  * ^From:.*jobst

(Always use the second colon when delivering to the mailbox; you don't need
the extra .* at the end of your address, but I would recommend putting the
complete address there when you're not in testing; adding the colon will
match the "From:" header.)

Normally, I'd put this down to procmail not being invoked, but you've
provided enough evidence to the contrary. ;)

Try this one:

  * ^Subject: grobblefruit

See how you go with that, and make sure that all the setup variables are
defined at the start of your .procmailrc (especially MAILDIR). See
http://perkypants.org/email-dream-team/procmailrc.html for this too.

- Jeff

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