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Re: [SLUG] NZ proposes GST on downloaded software.[ Here next ?]

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Richard Sharpe">
>> So, the reality is that for companies, things do not cost 10% more, so 
>> there is no advantage to using free software.
> Obviously not because Free Software is 100% less than 10% less than 110%? :)
> Surely there were those other advantage of Free Software in there too...

Jeff, you have taken my quote completely out of context.
I was responding to the claim that GST makes free software somehow more 
attractive than non-free software for businesses. It is just not so.

As to your other claims about the advantages of free software, the 
situation is very complex, and perception is reality for many businesses.

I am someone who lives and breathes free software, and while my record 
is not as resplendent as that of some others, I think it speaks for 
itself.  However, the world is an inherently complex place, and the GPL 
creates difficulties for some businesses.  In addition, until we have 
strong certification, like LPI, being pushed at businesses by all the 
Linux supporters around the world, free software will appear to be 
unsupported and unsupportable to many businesses.

> - Jeff


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