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RE: [SLUG] Re. SLUG meeting instructions for newbie

Dear Howard,

	I don't wish to get into a flame war, but could you give me the exact
reference in www.nswtaxi.org.au where the time/distance ration in Sydney
taximeter computer chips is detailed.

	I could not find it.

	Also, you make the assumption that a newbie would be arriving after 10.00
PM to a SLUG meeting which starts at 7.00 PM - unrealistic.

	Depending on the time of day, it is possible for a skilled professional
driver to attain constant green lights. This is done by knowing that each
phase is timed to change so that a driver travelling at (or just under) the
maximum speed limit for that area will get the same phase change as he
arrives.  This assumes no other traffic movement affecting your progress
which is difficult to achieve during normal business hours.

	Nevertheless, the fare you estimate _before_ 10.00 PM is realistic and
supports my contention that the Domestic Airport->UTS taxi fare is very
competitive with the Domestic_>Central railway line, especially if you pay
$1-2 more for the privilege of being deposited on the steps of the Tower

	Don't misunderstand me - I am a train buff from way back and one of my
great life experiences was travelling around India on third class railway
carriages. I have a lot of respect for Victorian railway engineering. Many
of those involved in setting up the Indian railway system - where many
isolated stations have or had  their own courthouse, police force, porters,
and a whole social infrastructure - were from Australasia as part of the
(then) British Empire.


Adam Bogacki

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On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 12:48:17PM +1000, Adam F. Bogacki wrote:
> For the uninitiated, the computer chips in Sydney taxi meters depend on
> factors - time and distance. I don't know the exact proportion, but it's
> mainly distance.

http://www.nswtaxi.org.au will tell you.

> A quick trip from the domestic terminal directly to UTS via the shortest
> route [O'Riordan, Wyndham, Cleveland, Abercrombie and Broadway] is about
> $10.00 and _definitely_ competitive with the Domestic-Central railway.
> option has dependencies such as time of day, traffic conditions, and
> you have the bad fortune to get stuck behind a sheep truck with a flat
> in Botany Rd. in rush hour.

www.whereis.com.au gives basically this route from Shiers Ave Mascot
(Qantas domestic terminal) to Regent St, Chippendale (basically UTS), with
a total distance of 6.80Kms.

From the details from www.nswtaxi.org.au, the cost for this trip,
if before 10pm at night, would be  (2.35 + 6.80 * 1.32), or about $11.30 -
presuming no stops. After 10pm it would go up to $14.10.
Adding in at least about 5 mins for sitting at lights etc (and it's
going to be at least that on that route for most times of the day)
takes this up to around $15-20.

So with about 5 mins of internet time, the issue is sorted :)


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