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Re: [SLUG] Fw: Side issue about Sydney Linux User Group

A number of people have put their hands up to say GNU/Linux
is a good name, and then gone on to nominate practical difficulties

I just wanted to state again that I think the name is bad based
on philosophical reasons. There are a number of arguements various
people have brought up, but I desperately want to avoid having
a debate or putting my point of view at length and ad nauseum here.

All I am asking, well really the committee, is that if there
is any serious move to place the GNU/Linux moniker on stationery, signatures,
the web page or changing the name, that a plebiscite and debate
be taken before such a change. Hopefully in a different forum where 
only those who care about this can bore each other silly without 
dragging the rest down.

Most people aren't interested, please spare them.


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