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Re: [SLUG] Fw: Side issue about Sydney Linux User Group

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 02:01:58PM +1000, Bevan Broun wrote:
> But could we as (GNU/)linux users at least ack RMS's contrib with a
> "GNU/Linux" button on the slug website pointing to the GNU site and RMS's
> essays on the topic?
> We could use GNU/Linux in the sig of the slug mail.

I think that is a simple and useful suggestion. It does not take much for us
to decide that that's one way to acknowledge the contributions of GNU stuff.
Just by having Linux/GNU on pages will cause newbies to ask "what's GNU" and
expand the horizons of how much open source there is.

SLUG has been, if rather informally, questioned as to why we don't refer to
Linux as GNU/Linux and this thread is now archived and searchable so our
response to RMS's comments is rather public. As SLUG is a largish and quite
well though-of LUG perhaps we should take the initiative that this gives us
and have a policy to try to give some more obvious credit where it is due.

I don't propose that we change the name but that suggestions such as 
Bevan's, and others are considered by the Committee. That SLUG take an 
active stance and maybe provide a model for other LUGs to follow in 
providing appropriate acknowledgement of GNU.

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