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[SLUG] Joining SLUG Remotely

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<quote who="Rodos">

> On that note is there yet a way to join slug via credit card or send a
> cheque? There was some discussion on the list a while ago but at the time
> it was being worked on. Have not heard anything since.

Neither have I. The plan was to have credit card thingeries going through
Linux Australia, but we've heard poop all, and I've no idea what the status
of LA is at the moment anyway.

Please, if you'd like to join and can't make it to the meetings, email me at
jdub@nospam.slug.org.au (or reply to this email) and I will give you an address to
send a cheque to.

> I am sure there a lot of SLUGers like me who don't go to the meets but are
> on the list and consider them selves SLUGers in the same right.

Thank you (and everyone who has been demanding to join) for the support! It
will certainly come in handy with some of our upcoming fests. :)

- Jeff

     "Just because I sit in front of a terminal all day doesn't mean I      
      couldn't hunt you down and righteously kick your ass to feed my       
          newfound cannabalism." - Darwinian System Administration          

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