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Re: [SLUG] Fw: Side issue about Sydney Linux User Group

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 01:26:42PM +1000, Matthew Davidson wrote:
> Linux, so SLUG is still a technically correct name.  However I suggest
> (audaciously, as a non-member) that SLUG adopt a policy of when
> referring to the kernel the term "Linux" is used, otherwise "GNU/Linux",
> particularly in public forums, publicity material, etc.

I sympathise with RMS but frankly the real world sometimes is a little harsh
and people who contribute greatly don't ge the full praise they deserve.

Last year I decided to use Linux/GNU in the "About this Site" section of the
Royal Society of New South Wales homepages.

and also on my business and personal pages at:

> It's only a little bit of care and effort to give credit where it's due,
> and put the philosophical issues front and centre.  It's frustrating

I agree. Just by Sluggers, Linux persons etc putting GNU/Linux or Linux/GNU
in the appropriate places can we say "thanks GNU to you too" (TGNU2U2)

Style may not be the answer, but at least it's a workable alternative.

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