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Re: [SLUG] Fw: Side issue about Sydney Linux User Group

RMS gave an entertaining speech last month:


He was responding to the Mundie comments and so forth, giving the usual
history of the GNU project, etc.  I found his arguments for calling
the system GNU/Linux quite compelling.  On the other hand, SLUG would
lose it's snappy acronym and mascot if it were SGLUG.

How about a compromise?  Everybody who uses GNU/Linux by definition uses
Linux, so SLUG is still a technically correct name.  However I suggest
(audaciously, as a non-member) that SLUG adopt a policy of when
referring to the kernel the term "Linux" is used, otherwise "GNU/Linux",
particularly in public forums, publicity material, etc.

It's only a little bit of care and effort to give credit where it's due,
and put the philosophical issues front and centre.  It's frustrating
seeing the recent tidal wave of mainstream press coverage of Linux,
but not a word about free software (Not to mention hearing things like
"Oh, Linux - that shareware thing?").

I don't mean to provoke or perpetuate a tedious old flamewar, just
haven't heard this suggestion from anybody else and thought it might be
an acceptable compromise.


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