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Re: [SLUG] mass verification of dpkgs on a system

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Andre Pang <ozone@nospam.algorithm.com.au> wrote...

| is there a way to get apt-get/apt-cache/dpkg/magic-foo to verify whether
| the files of a package are 'intact'?  i suspect i have some bad sector
| corruption, and i'm wondering if there's a way to do it en masse.  have
| done quick searches of the manpages and haven't found any options along
| those lines.

If you had it set up / organised previously, debsums would come to your
rescue here - its kinda like tripwire for debian packages.

 This package contains instructions and the tools for having packages
 generate md5sums for all their files as also done by the debstd script
 of debmake. The package also contains a script to generate md5sum files
 for debian packages which do not install an md5sum file. The md5sum will
 be generated after the package is installed by invoking debsums_gen.

 The package also allows comparing the md5sums in a .deb file with
 the current installed files by extracting the md5sums file from the .deb

Whilst I mention debsums, does anyone know a method I could use to store
the hashes somewhere other than /var/blah or wherever they go by default?
(other than by hacking the source) .. I was considering putting them, and
a list of installed packages on a floppy, and write protecting the floppy.

  Matt 'Dopey' Hope                              matth@nospam.cse.unsw.edu.au

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