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[SLUG] Re: XFree86 Version 4.0.3 / X Windows System

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Adam F. Bogacki wrote:

> "apt-get install xserver-xfree86 xbase-clients"
> (nifty the way apt-get fires up the modem for the download, then shuts it
> down)

Cool, isn't it!

> except for one thing .... the install routine gave a very restricted choice
> of video cards.
> My system uses the NVIDIA TNT2 SERIES v.365 video card so I chose the 'nv'
> option ...

A wise choice, and the best under the circumstances.  If you want the best
possible support for your card, though, you'll need to get the binary-only
drivers from nVidia's website (www.nvidia.com) and install them.  There's a
kernel module (for DRM) and a bunch of libraries which replace ones already
on your system, as well as a new 'nvidia' XFree 4 driver.

> When I rebooted I was still in console mode, with the following readout.

> (==) Using configfile: "/etc/X11/XF86Config"
> Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/XF86Config
> 	Device section "Primary Card" must have a driver line.

Aah, bugger.  Time to fire up the text editor and take a look at
/etc/X11/XF86Config.  My guess is it's still the 3.3.6 one, worse luck.
The Debian XFree 4 config script is still shot at this time - it
occasionally works, but usually craps up in a variety of interesting ways.

I've put up a copy of the config file I used when I was using the nv driver
previously, at http://ieee.uow.edu.au/~mjp16/XF86Config-nv.  I've since
upped to the closed-source nvidia driver, which works well but requires a
pile of fiddling.  If you're running a 2.4.3 kernel, I've got a private
package I created of all the necessary stuff.  Add a line to sources.list:

deb http://ieee.uow.edu.au/~mjp16/debian local contrib

and do the necessary update.  Then apt-get install nvidia, it'll install the
libraries and everything required.  The module was compiled for 2.4.3, but
there is a tarball of the source code for the kernel module in
/usr/src/modules if you want to recompile for another 2.4 kernel.  I doubt
it'll work on 2.2, but you can try.

#include <disclaimer.h>
Matthew Palmer

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