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Re: [SLUG] SCP on debian

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Ken Foskey">
>>I have 'apt-cache search scp' and found nothing.
>>what is the package name?
> apt-get install ssh :)
> - Jeff

First attempt was exactly that.   I get 'no available version' with lots 
of other words.

Broken set up?  I only have ftp.au.debian.org stable

Searches archives....  must be this non-us that I did not set up...  yes 
we have liftoff.

RedHat 6.2 will not give up data,  ssh to it and scp back again. 
works...   compiling.

What is the correct sources.list for a firewall box?   It obvious should 
have any security updates on it.


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