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Re: [SLUG] Mandrake 8 firewall

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 07:29:22PM +1000, Christopher Booth wrote:
> 2nd question
> At work, I have installed Mandrake 8, I enabled the default proxy settings
> through the Mandrake Control Panel.  This is called the tiny firewall.
> Great, no more hacks from people on the corporate network wanting to see
> what it is.  That's another story...
> Ok, it disabled samba access from the outside as well as stopping someone
> pinging the IP address.  I want to be able to reenable it from the network
> for certain IP addresses.  I'm not sure where to look though.  Any help
> appreciated.

Hi Christopher,

Personally I suggest you don't use tiny firewall on a machine that's
connected to a LAN, it's a bit limited in options and is really best
used on a single machine with a dialup net connection. From memory
it basically just sets up iptables using /etc/rc.firewall, so you
could edit that file if you like. (I think that's the file, it's
something like that anyway).

What you might find more useful though is to use the Bastille Perl
scripts included with Mandrake 8 to set up your firewall stuff. Try
running InteractiveBastille. This then takes you through a number
of questions and deals with hardening your system in general. There
are options in there that would let you fairly easily configure a
firewall that lets Samba through from certain IPs. If you haven't
got Bastille installed, you can find it on your installation CDs.


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