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Re: [SLUG] Conditional Mounts - Possible ?

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Jon Biddell wrote:

> Whilst on holidays, the Casa del Xena network is being rebuilt...  Yes, SWMBO
> wants to access the server...:-)
> On Xena, the workstation, I have a directory "/slave".  When I'm logged in, I
> manually map this to slave:/home/jon.
> I need to be able to do three things;
> 1. Map this directory dependant on the logged-in user (i.e. if Jill is logged
> in, it's slave:/home/jill).
> 2. In the event that slave is either down or non-contactable, I need it to
> not  to return an error - or an error that the user cannot see)
> 3. I need this to be automagic for any/all created users.

man autofs
man automount

Automount is your friend - as long as your network is properly secure.
Otherwise, it's a _horrible_ security hole. But I used to use it on my
work Sun boxen - had the local box NFS mount my home directory {on a
remote server} when I logged in. Also configured it so anyone else in my
group could login, and get their home directory.

Works a treat.

> P.S. If your wife tells you that you need a holiday, BEWARE - she has
> gardening for you to do !!!

No, mine has furniture she wants moved, and rubbish she wants thrown out.


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