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[SLUG] Linux-G: Making Linux Hip Again

Dear SLUG list,

You have recently recieved an email forwarded from Mr. Richard Stallman,
founder of the GNU project and worthy of great respect for the amount of
time he spent making Linux possible when he wasn't rewriting proprietary
printer drivers.

The email in question brought to light an issue that appears to be an increasingly
common theme among communications from Mr. Stallman: it requested that SLUG
members refer to "GNU/Linux" instead of just "Linux".

There was apparently some opposition to this suggestion, based on the
totally ridiculous and obviously narrow-minded idea that to request that
distributions change their names for the benefit of his organisation, which
was certainly not the only one that made Linux possible, is actually
incredibly rude.

Sadly, totally ridiculous and narrow-minded people appear to be the norm,
which means that to many people, Mr. Stallman's Web page on the topic
appears outlandish and silly, the rantings of a crazed zealot, rather than
the polite, understanding communications that we, as a community, have come
to expect from the Free Software Foundation.

With this in mind, and at jdub's urging, I have decided on a compromise.
Brace yourselves: the name I am proposing just might BLOW YOU AWAY.


That name again? Linux-G. Not only do we appease the ravenous maw of the
GNU project (in the same way that they appease the omniscient creators
of Unix by defining themselves as not being it), we also appeal to fans
of rap music.

In da house! (As you may have gathered, I rarely listen to rap music.)

In keeping with another great Free Software tradition - themes - I would
like to propose a number of other nomenclative changes:

* "Coders" shall now be known as "Homies";
* the "Sydney Linux Users' Group" shall be renamed "The hood";
* Any communication between members of the Linux community and the Free
Software Foundation shall be referred to as "Rappin' wit' da yak man".

Please take time to seriously consider this request. It's very important
that we reinforce what everybody already knows about the GNU project in an
inconvenient, public way.

Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale

PS: Please direct all replies to wzdd@nospam.lardcave.net. I am not on the SLUG

"I was going to have a look at Evolution, because I hear that's getting
better all the time..."
 - Cate

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