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Re: [SLUG] Stallion epipe

pauld@nospam.netopts.com.au wrote:

> Hi all,
> Has anyone had any experience with Stallion's epipe? I've used two to
> connect via ADSL and set up a VPN between the two sites but I'm hitting a
> brick wall with the NAT to the net. 

Hey,  I have been reading up on FreeSwan and this I might be able to 
help.  The encryption is required to not go through NAT because the 
other end detects a change in packet and refuses it.

The only solution is to integrate the VPN and the NAT box or place the 
VPN on the internet side of the NAT box.   There are patches to Freeswan 
to handle this (unreliably).  I have not looked into it because I will 
have an integrate debiuan firewall (once I buy two network cards that 
work!!!!  I have four and I had to 'borrow' one from work to get it 
working, one does not make a firewall)

Stallion is not onee of the mentioned supported VPNs in Freeswan.


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