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RE: [SLUG] Linux servers growing in numbers out there

They do choke the box, but they are a big selling point of GNU/Linuxes
ability (in Windoze users eyes) to replace windows.  Windows just doesn't
grind so much to a halt when running Netscape or IE5, Outlook Express plus
Musicmatch Jukebox etc...

I want to go Linux only, just wish things would work faster.


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"Booth, Christopher (Aus) - ATP" wrote:

> He is using it on a Pentium II 350 with 64 megs of ram, but was surprised
> the amount of space required by the install 1.3 or something gigs.  It
> run slowly though.

He can probably throw most of it away, but I suppose he wants gui
> On a side but related note.
> I just installed RedHat 7.1 at home too on the weekend, and I have a Cyrix
> 300 with 64 Megs of Ram.  I too find it very slow, lots of disk access for
> virtual memory.
> I stopped most unnecessary services.  Any ideas on getting it going faster
> and more efficiently.  I have KDE and gnome installed but running a
> like Netscape or Mozilla grinds everything to a halt.

You have just list three Gnu/Linux bloatware apps. Netscape expands to
fill the available space. KDE & Gnome positivel choke any boxen. I made
the mistake of running Netscape on Gnome on P200 recently - glacially

> One of the big reasons for using Linux or GNU/Linux is the ability to run
> on lower spec hardware, which I've been doing for the last 3 or so years.

For X use, fvm or something.

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