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[SLUG] Linux servers growing in numbers out there

Just to advise that I had a call today from someone actually in Melbourne at
a company called coogi, who were setting up a RedHat 7.1 server as a Printer
server, running samba etc...

He had added a printer through the print tool and called it lpd.  This
seemed to interfere with the daemon called lpd .  Nothing would print so we
deleted everything from the printcap, and recreated the queue and called it
DC440 for the name of the printer.

So what, you say ?  Well I asked why he chose Linux as his print server, he
said because of cost and configurability to reduce the load on the main
server (unknown OS)

He is using it on a Pentium II 350 with 64 megs of ram, but was surprised by
the amount of space required by the install 1.3 or something gigs.  It does
run slowly though.

On a side but related note.

I just installed RedHat 7.1 at home too on the weekend, and I have a Cyrix
300 with 64 Megs of Ram.  I too find it very slow, lots of disk access for
virtual memory.
I stopped most unnecessary services.  Any ideas on getting it going faster
and more efficiently.  I have KDE and gnome installed but running a browser
like Netscape or Mozilla grinds everything to a halt.
One of the big reasons for using Linux or GNU/Linux is the ability to run it
on lower spec hardware, which I've been doing for the last 3 or so years.
But it runs significantly slower than Win 2000 does (even with only 20 meg
of disk space left to play with after booting)
Disk usage is equivalent ~1.3 gigs with apps etc...
Yes I don't need so many apps, but just by them being on the disk but not
being used shouldn't slow down the processing and take up system memory.
I have swap space of about 130 megs.
Would using the Reiserfs speed it up ? Can you convert one to the other ?


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