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[SLUG] Next SLUG Meeting - Friday, 29th June, 2001

                Next SLUG Meeting - Friday, 29th June, 2001

   My apologies for the late announcement; human error was the dominant
   contributing factor. We'll endeavour to have announcements out much,
   much sooner than this in future (ie. closer to our usual timing).
   Please note: We will be attempting to start and finish the meeting
   earlier from now on, so dinner doesn't run so late. Talks will start
   at 7pm, with the usual suspects beforehand.
The Usual Suspects

     * Q&A - "What has Linux done for/to me lately?"
     * Linux News & Discussion
Andrew Tridgell on Samba

   Tridge, infamous author of Samba and rsync, will be coming along to SLUG
   and speaking about Samba development, all the new goodies in 2.2, plus
   what's coming up in Samba 3. He'll also be happy to answer questions on
   all manner of things.
   MCSEs very welcome. ;)
Jamie Honan on Amtel AVR Hacking

   One of the bug-bears of running a PC that is basically unattended is
   that you usually require a keyboard to boot. For servers in machine
   rooms, this is no problem. Often a kayboard / mouse / monitor switch
   is used. For home use, or remote situations, e.g. data logging,
   routers / firewalls, the keyboard is more of an annoyance.
   Jamie Honan has come accross some remarkable micro-controllers, the
   Atmel AVR range. These devices are cheap, easy to connect and easy to
   program. Replacing the keyboard will require one DIN plug and one
   chip. What is even better is that all the software tools to program
   the beastie are available for free under Linux. This includes gcc,
   gdb, and download software.
   The keyboard connector is also of interest, because it provides a fair
   amount of power (unlike the printer port or the serial port) and
   because it is actually bi-directional. It should be possible to have a
   small LCD display connected to this device, and a couple of momentary
   press switches. This allows a PC to be controlled without a keyboard
   or monitor. Such applications could include: data logging, remote web
   cam, MP3 player.

   After the meeting at the BBQ King, near George St. If you would like
   to come to dinner this month, please RSVP to jdub+rsvp@nospam.slug.org.au (or
   simply reply to this email), so we can warn the restaurant if numbers
   are higher than expected.
                  Directions to this month's SLUG meeting:

See you there!

- Jeff

      "In addition to these ample facilities, there exists a powerful       
       configuration tool called gcc." - Elliot Hughes, author of lwm       

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