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[SLUG] [OT] Webmail as an ISP

Hi all,

As yet another casualty of one.net,  I was wondering if anyone had any 
experience with webmail as both an ISP and site hoster.

I joined up with optus just to get connected, but couldn't get the site 
redelegated without paying a bomb.

It seems to me that one.net were reasonably unique in that 'personal' 
webspace provided as part of most unlimited plans could be used to hold 
a registered domain name.  (ie www.provider.com.au/~yourname  could be 
used as www.yourdomain.com.au)

Now you need to pay $20-$30 per month to host the site and another 
$20-$30 per month for 'unlimited' access.

Were we just on a good thing ?
Is there someone else out there doing what one.net did ?


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