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Re: [SLUG] xdvi displays RGB !

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 01:21:13PM +1000, Mike Lake wrote:
> I made a post a while ago on my fonts in xdvi appearing strange.
> (22 May 2001). I still have not worked out what the prob is.
> When I run xdvi the fonts appear to be "colour separated" ie
> all the letters instead of being black on a white background
> are alternating, vertical blue/red stripes."

BTW it's definately not a colour map running out from a hog like Netscape.
        Depth: 24
        Visual Class: TrueColor

Netscape ain't running.

Have a look at the gif and you will see what I mean. Running out of colors
from the available colormap appears quite different.

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