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[SLUG] xdvi displays RGB !


I made a post a while ago on my fonts in xdvi appearing strange.
(22 May 2001). I still have not worked out what the prob is.

When I run xdvi the fonts appear to be "colour separated" ie
all the letters instead of being black on a white background
are alternating, vertical blue/red stripes."
See previous post for the details. Seems like no one here
has encountered tha prob before but I have found out a few
more snippets that may help someone to guess what my prob may be.

If I hit 1G while in xdvi to turn on anti-aliasing the "colour
separation" disappears but I have bitty fonts - yep expected as
ani-aliasing is now off. If I type 0G to turn off aliasing I get 
the color-separated fonts again.

At 1s magnification (the largest) there is no prob but its there at 2s or
smaller magnification.

Any ideas on what the prob might be? The screen looks terrible. 

I have attached a gif to show what the prob is. Wait! don't flame me yet -
its only 1485 bytes. In this case a picture is really worth 1000 bytes of

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