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Re: [SLUG] File system on CD

http://www.ocslink.com/~blunier/ has one called Live CD.  Blurb on 
freshmeat is:

"Live CD is a project to create a CD that runs Linux.
The CD is bootable, and runs Debian Linux without needing
a hard drive..."


At 14:19 25/06/2001, you wrote:
>I came across this article
>today and remembered this thread... They only talk about *BSD in the
>article, but you
>might be able to apply some of the concepts to Linux...
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>From: "Peter McCarthy" <peterm@nospam.dva.net.au>
>Subject: [SLUG] File system on CD
> > Just wondering if anyone out their has managed to make their Linux box
> > bullet proof by placing the file system onto a CD.
> > I know it might make it a bit inflexable, but I was thinking it must be a
> > way to make your box hack proof.
> > Or is this idea just plain stupid ?
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