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Re: [SLUG] Religious Flamewar Required - authentication

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Matthew Davidson wrote:

> I'm reading up about NIS and LDAP, but does anybody have any practical
> experiences / irrational prejudices they'd like to share about the
> various distributed authentication options?  Some constraints are:

My personal preference is to use the various options for what they were
designed for.  For instance, LDAP isn't designed (really) for storing
passwords, so I'd put them into Kerberos.  Samba and netatalk both (I
believe - I haven't worked with netatalk for a while) support PAM, which
will in turn support whatever you've got for your password system.

LDAP is much superior to NIS - it's also much more interoperable with other
OSes.  It will talk to Win2K boxes without a hassle, and I'd wager that
MacOS X will probably, if it doesn't already.

> - beer-free & speech-free

OpenLDAP, Heimdal, Samba.  All in debian/main.

Incidentally, how many PCAN tech bods have you got?  I'm based in W'gong,
but I'm often in Sydney, and have played this game before (a place called
Access Space in Sheffield, UK) and currently (sort of - we're playing with
new hardware but I don't get paid).  If you need an experienced warm body,
let me know and I'll let you know when I'm in the area.

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Matthew Palmer

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