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[SLUG] Anyone could help plz

I am Phillipus Gunawan, a student of Charles Sturt University, Sydney. I am writing this letter in regard to research the software development lifecycle that you are taken on your project. The purpose of this research is to generate a report that represents implementation of project development in the workplace. In the research, I have assigned some questions that will be use to compare and analyze the actual project strategy and the implementation of the knowledge that we had from the school. I do hope that you can spare your time to answer these questions, so I can be ready when I graduate my Information Technology course. Feel free to answer the questions, as you like.



Project Manager name:

Position title:

Organization name:


Telephone No:

Email Address:



Project Orientation

  1. What is the project name?
  2. What are the project goals?
  3. What is the scope of the project?
  4. When is the scheduled project start date and finish date?
  5. When is the actual project start date and estimated finish date?
  6. Who is your client?
  7. How many projects that you have managed that had duration of at least six months and that had at least three other developers working on the projects?
  8. How much is your project completed at this time (in percentage)?
  9. How much budgets is allocated for you project?
  10. How much is the actual budgets that your project need?
  11. How many personnel involve in the project?
  12. How much in percentage your project will succeed?



Interview Question

1. What is your most currently done project? How long does it need to finish?


2. In project management, it's commonly hard to balance the 3P (Product, People & Process) What problems did you encounter with 3P management? If not, which method did you use to manage?


3. Did your project finish at planned date? Could You tell me about one of the method you applied for time management?


4. Testing product is a crucial of product evaluation phase. What plan did you make in order to test on your product?


5. Risks are always around the corner of project management. How did you make risk visible to your employees? Were there any problems involve in risk occurred?


6. Configuration management is one of the fundamental part of project management. If you used it, figure one or two examples involved in. If not, which management technique did you considered instead?


7. Were your employees happy of the job they were doing? What motivation technique did you apply?


8. In order to educate or train personnel, did you have a new department deserve for it?


9. What will be the possible solutions when your project is going out of the scope or faced management-concerned problems like that?


10. How do you show the visibility of the project to other project members and keep on track of your documents?


11. How do you maintain the complete software? What are the difficulties of it?


12. How do you manage the project member, so they can working with the project together and improve both the quality and timeliness?


13. Do you use identification, control, auditing and status accounting in the project? How you would apply it?



Best Regards,